「rhythm」 相川勝・小沢裕子

会場:gallery αM


この空間には何もありません。しかし先程から蛍光灯が点滅しています。この点滅は、受付カウンターの中にいる監視員の瞼の開閉とリアルタイムに同期しているのです。その監視員が瞼を開いているあいだは蛍光灯が点灯し、瞼を閉じているあいだは蛍光灯が消灯します。まばたきの周期は、生体的にも、心理的にも、その時の状況を反映しています。これはあなたの存在と互いに影響し合いながら変動しているのです。このようにして 見る/見られる がせめぎあってスリリングな『リズム』がここでは形成され続けているのです。






rhythm Year: 2016

Aikawa Masaru & Ozawa Yuko Collaboration

Description : There is nothing in this space, but for some time, a fluorescent light has been blinking. This blinking is synchronized in real time with the opening and closing of the eyelids of an observer stationed at the reception desk. The light is on when the observer’s eyes are open, and off when they are closed. The frequency of blinking reflects the situation at the moment, both physiologically and psychologically. It fluctuates as your presence interacts with the mechanism. Here, the thrilling “rhythm” of the back-and-forth, push-and-pull of seeing and being seen is being generated continuously.

Only at the time the eyes are closed and the room gets dark, the following words appear on the wall:

'There is nothing in this space Just blinking The blinking seems to have order, but at the same time it feels to have no rules It is synchronizing with the opening-and-closing eyelids of a person in here Affecting you and being affected by you, the blinking rhythm keeps changing You are coming toward me I get aware that you have come Your existence makes my rhythm lose its way You find me being here You get aware that I am here Your existence makes my rhythm lose its way In this way you and I create our own rhythm'