yuko(1)〜(3) 2017年

協力:gallery COEXIST-TOKYO



yuko (1) - (3)

Year: 2017 Medium: pencil graphic on paper, frame

Dimensions (H x W cm): 29.9×2.12


This is a work I made when I had an exhibition at ISETAN Department Store in Malaysia. Since I didn’t know Malay, I asked a woman for support, who helped me there. First, I asked her to translate some Japanese sentences I wrote into Malay, such as ’what kind of voice is this letter uttering in your head?’ Then I copied the sentences she wrote, just by looking at them.

In Malaysia, Malay is commonly written with the alphabet and Jawi (Arabic writing) is now rarely used. Therefore, even in Malaysia, some can read Jawi but others can’t. At the exhibition they were enjoying the artwork, while some people who were familiar with Jawi reading the words out loud for those who weren’t able to read them, or pointing out the incorrect parts.